Little Girl Who Lost Her Limbs To Rare Disease Gets An Adorable Mini-Me Doll

by Ana Luisa Suarez
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Little girls love to play with dolls.

Maybe not every single little girl loves them, but a great deal of girls grew up playing with dolls.

If you did, then you also had a favorite.

My favorite doll was my American Girl doll Molly. She had glasses and brown hair, just like me! It was before they started making dolls that looked like little girls, so Molly was more than enough for me.

Harmonie-Rose Allen loves dolls. But there aren’t many dolls that look like her. Harmonie had meningitis when she was a baby, and because of it, she lost her arms, legs, and part of her nose.

To cheer up their little girl, Harmonie’s parents surprised her with a mini-me doll that looks just like her — prosthetic legs and all!

It is just like this family that surprised their daughter with a doll that had a prosthetic leg like hers.

[H/T: Mirror]

When Harmonie-Rose Allen was just a baby, she contracted meningitis B.

Her parents rushed her to the hospital in September 2015, just days after she had taken her first steps.

Doctors said it was the worst case of the disease they had ever seen. They gave little Harmonie only a 10 percent chance of survival.

She was put on life support during her hospital stay. But thankfully, Harmonie pulled through!

Doctors had to remove her arms, legs, and the tip of her nose in order for Harmonie to survive.

Just a few short months after her surgeries, she was fitted with her first set of prosthetics.

Harmonie’s parents, Freya and Ross, wanted to give their daughter a special gift after how brave she has been through all of this.

They bought her a doll, but the doll isn’t just any doll — she’s just like Harmonie! She, too, is missing her legs and arms.

Harmonie loves her mini-me!

“The doll’s name is Rebecca. She loves it, and she says, ‘She’s like me, mummy!” Freya told Mirror.

You can see the heartwarming moment that Harmonie’s parents gave her the mini-me doll in the video below!

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