3-Year-Old Boy Spends Valentine’s Day Giving Presents To Senior Citizens

by Paul Morris
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Valentine’s Day has evolved into a day that is dedicated to letting your significant other know how much you love and appreciate them.

For whatever reason it seems focused on romantic relationships, but one 3-year-old boy decided that he didn’t care what most people thought the holiday was, he wanted to be a valentine with everyone!

Instead of focusing on the romance of the holiday, this little boy wanted to go to the local senior citizen’s assisted living home during their dinner. This adorable little boy shows us what the true meaning of love is, when he happily approaches table after table shouting out a happy and joyous, “Happy Valentine’s Day!”

Every single one of these seniors can’t hold back a smile at how absolutely adorable this little boy is. And when you watch the video below, you’ll easily understand why so many people are falling in love with him and asking him to be their valentine!

What a sweet and humble gesture to give to these valuable seniors on a day that might otherwise not be special. Some of these seniors have lost their spouses, so holidays like these might be particularly tough to get through, but when you have a cute little toddler rush up to you and hand you a sweet bouquet of flowers? It gets a bit harder not to smile when that happens!

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Delivering Love

"Instead of focusing on romantic love on Valentine's Day, I took my 3-year-old to our local assisted living home to visit the residents there during supper time. He handed out flowers and bid them a happy Valentine's Day. He seemed to bring happiness and that warmed my heart."A Love What Matters Original Video#LoveWhatMatters

Posted by Love What Matters on Wednesday, February 17, 2016