This Dog Is Incredibly Thankful To Be Saved By A Kind Fireman

by Paul Morris
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There’s a clear reason why so many little boys and girls dream of being a firefighter when they grow up. While it’s certainly a dangerous and dirty job, the men and women who choose to run into a burning building rather than away from it are a perfect example of what it means to be brave and respected member of the community.

While this harrowing job certainly has its scary moments, every firefighter you could talk to will always be proud of those scenarios in which they actually save a life. Risking life and limb, these people will do whatever it takes to pull someone out of danger into safety.

So last week, when a Baltimore County Fire Department received a call warning them of an apartment fire, they got into their heavy gear, and tore out of the station with their sirens blaring.

When they arrived on the scene, the fire was raging, but they knew they could defeat it with enough hard work and water. But that’s when they heard the sound of whimpering.

Check out the rest of the story below to see what that strange noise was!

When the firetruck arrived on scene, the fight to save the building was already underway. The brave crew of Engine 291 was prepared to go into the interior of the burning apartment building to save as many lives as possible.

Even though this job is incredibly dangerous, the courageous men and women who don the uniform have to fight against every single natural instinct there is and rush into unknown and life-threatening situations.

But as the firefighters searched the residences to confirm no one was left behind, they began to hear crying and whimpering. In spite of the smoke these heroes chose to pinpoint where the sound was coming from.

That’s when they found someone who had been left behind.

A small little dog! This tiny little guy was so thankful to be in the arms of hero, Walter Sanders, that he actually seems to be smiling at this second chance at life!

The crew acted with speed and precision. They needed to confirm that this frightened little guy wasn’t suffering from too much smoke inhalation!

The tiny dog is doing fine now, all thanks to these amazing humans. You bet his owners are going to be happy that he was saved! Can you imagine being away at work and hearing that there was a fire, knowing your dog was inside alone and scared?

Thank goodness for the brave men and women who risk their lives every single day just to make sure that people and animals are kept safe!

But for them? It’s just another day at the office!

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