Children On The Bus Sing Happy Birthday To Grandma

by Barbara Diamond
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Every single week day without fail, Kathy’s elderly neighbor, Doris, walks to the end of her driveway to blow kisses to the kids of bus #46.

It has become such a beloved tradition in this Ohio neighborhood that the students now call Doris “Grandma.” Five years have passed and Doris hasn’t missed one single school day. The children can always look forward to seeing Doris’ smiling face on their way home.

Recently, Kathy told the #46 bus driver, Stacy, that Doris was celebrating her 88th birthday. Stacy came up with the perfect way to honor Doris, and the Birthday Girl never saw it coming. With Kathy behind the camera, the school bus comes to a stop outside of Doris’ home — and the children proceed to sing “Happy Birthday.” It’s enough to bring Doris to tears as she looks back at Kathy in surprise and awe. As the bus drives away, the students flip the script and blow kisses.

“We love you, Grandma! Happy birthday, and many more!”

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Children Sing Happy Birthday to Grandma | Daily Heart Beat

These children on a school bus help a grandma celebrate her birthday with the sweetest gesture.

Posted by Poke My Heart on Monday, March 14, 2016