Homemade Hanging Planters Will Transform Your Backyard For Summer

by Rebecca Landman
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If any time of year truly epitomizes rebirth, it’s the spring. Plants sprout back up after their winter hiatus, birds return home from their Southern travels, and upcyclers hatch new plans to repurpose old goods!

One such upcycler, Instructables user mtairymd, gave his backyard a face-lift by turning used palettes into beautiful planters, and then, years later, transforming those planters into even more fabulous pieces of backyard decor.

This project is a perfect example of upcycling at its finest — consistently striving to breathe new, fresh life into tired goods.

Pallets are a fantastic resource for any clever DIY-er, because when disassembled, they essentially become a simple stack of usable wood.

This DIY-er saw his pallets’ potential, and used them to build modern, beautiful planters that would surely elevate the look and feel of any garden.

Keep scrolling through our gallery to learn how this clever builder turned simple, tired pallets into fantastic backyard accessories.


Two years back, this Instructables user felt like his yard could use a bit of sprucing up. He decided to upcycle his way toward new decor.

He chose to build new planter boxes out of old pallets, searching Craigslist for pallet options made up of the most “useable” wood pieces.

palette base

Once he found as many pallets as he’d need, he surveyed his supply for the best pieces, mapping out exactly where he’d make each cut.

He then pried all the wood apart, removing unwanted nails as needed.

nail gun

After cutting each piece to its appropriate length, and sanding each down to its smoothest state, he began assembling the planter base’s frame.

building diy planter base

Frame secure, he started gluing and nailing each piece of wood in place, slowly but surely breathing new life into these otherwise discarded and forgotten materials.

raw wood planter box

Now with the nailing and gluing complete, this DIY-er had a beautiful planter box that would have normally cost four times or more what it cost him to build.

staining planter box

Stained to perfection, the planter really popped, looking clean and classic.

finished planter box

While these planters suited his needs for a few seasons, this year, he decided to take them to the next level.

two planter boxes

He started by re-staining the original planters, which had faded since they were first constructed.

hanging planter stand

Using simple 4x4s, he constructed a post to sit right inside the original planters, which would now become the new and improved planter base.

hanging planter stands

He then secured the post with a new base structure, and adorned it with decorative hangers, elevating the entire piece’s sophisticated style.

hanging planter

With every component set in place, this DIY-er moved his new planters into their forever home on the porch, since once the dangling planters are attached, the whole structure becomes more cumbersome to move.

diy hanging planters

And as easy as that, this DIY-er not only transformed old palettes into beautiful planters, but then upcycled his own creations into an even more incredible project.

hanging planters

Decked out with a beautiful medley of flowers, these planters spring to life, swaying beautifully in the breeze.

hanging planters

Projects like these, which completely transform old materials, can showcase the power of creativity, turning waste into wonderful!

This DIY-er turned a simple palette into a fantastic piece of garden decor he and his family are sure to enjoy all summer long.

What do you think of these hanging planters? Have you ever created anything amazing out of pallets? Let us know in the comments.

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