Handmade Dining Room Table Turns Into Scale Map Of The World

by Rebecca Endicott
Becca is a writer and aspirational dog owner living in NYC.

I don’t know about you, but I love seeing an incredible homemade project in action.

There are a lot of skills that are slowly being lost these days, and I think it’s so important that the people who keep them alive keep working hard to show off how cool and special these skills are!

Whether it’s as simple as knitting a scarf using your arms as needles, or as complex as creating a piece of handmade furniture, it’s always a blessing to see these DIY skills being preserved into the next generation.

The ultimate display, of course, is a beautiful item that shows off all the nuances of the craft and that’s incredibly useful for years to come.

Take, for example, a project that one crafty individual created for his dining room table.

The final product is a stunning, perfectly finished dining room table. It looks like it could comfortably seat at least six without a problem.

Oh, and, did we mention that it has a perfect map of the world on it?

Check out the pictures below to see this incredible transformation — and let us know in the comments what you think!


According to the creator’s post on Imgur, the project started out as a simple dining room table.

He says that it’s six feet long and made from pine, with a simple, solid design that he calls, “nothing special.”

He also mentions that he’s a novice woodworker, and that it took a lot of patience to reach his goal.

Of course, the plain pine table wasn’t his end goal. He had something a bit more cosmopolitan in mind.

To that end, he went online and found a world map, which he printed out on a large scale, on top of a simple sheet of graphite transfer paper.

The paper works like a carbon copy, moving the marks from the map to the table when he traces the shape.

Of course, the graphite only left faint trace lines from the transfer process.

Once the image was lightly transferred in graphite, it was time for him to go back in and undertake the painstaking process of drawing over each and every line with a pencil.

In fact, it’s clear that this task would not be well-suited to an impatient individual.

Like so many handcrafted projects, it requires lots of careful measuring and repetition, all of which can get tedious after awhile.

This crafter learned the hard way when he decided to use a wood burner to fill in the design.

He completed the outline, then realized how long it would take him to finish the project using just a wood burner.

Wisely, he pivoted, switching his strategy to filling in the continents on his map with black paint, rather than laboriously going over ever millimeter with the wood burner.

The paint, while a bit easier, was still time-intensive, requiring him to carefully fill in the lines with a tiny paintbrush and, one imagines, extremely well-developed fine motor skills.

We have to say though, it looks like all that slow and careful work paid off in spades!

After a few coats of paint on the map itself, as well as solid black border to serve as “frame,” the table is looking pretty close to complete!

Even if he had stopped right here, the table would be an impressive work of art.

Of course, he didn’t stop there. Instead, he stained the wood, then started sanding.

He sanded the table seven times, applying coats of polyurethane in between.

When all was said and done, he had put together a handsome piece of furniture that we’re sure his family will cherish for years to come!

If you would love a table just like this for your own dinning room, let us know in the comments!

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