Pregnant Woman With Multiple Sclerosis Goes To Run Errands Only To Find Handicap Placard Is Gone

by Amy P
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Not only does Kayla Dulak of Milford, Massachusetts have multiple sclerosis, but she is also six months pregnant.

She often experiences dizziness, impaired mobility and eyesight, and leg numbness, especially during the warmer summer months.

Applying for and obtaining a handicap parking placard can be a very long and involved process. Kayla spent years living with MS while waiting for hers. It wasn’t necessarily something she wanted to have to rely on, but something she actually needed in order to start living her life with more ease and normalcy. The placard is critical for when she needs to run errands, especially now that she’s pregnant.

She says it’s just as important to her as her wheelchair and medication.

On a particularly hot day, Kayla headed off to a shopping center to run some errands. But once she arrived at the parking lot, she realized her placard was gone. Someone had stolen it while her car was parked in her driveway the night before. She knew the placard was the specific target, as her cash and prescription meds were still inside.

Since her MS was flaring up, Kayla knew the day trip wasn’t worth the risk for her or her baby.

Later that day, Kayla wrote an open letter on Facebook where she addressed the unknown thief. “You may as well have taken my legs out from under me,” she wrote, “for when I discovered that my placard wasn’t in my car today, I had to turn around and leave the store before I ever got out of my car.”

Now, Kayla is sharing her story in the effort to reach the heartless thief…

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