Young Couple Celebrates Their Spooky Love With Unique Halloween-Themed Wedding

by Johanna Silver
Johanna is a writer who lives, works, and volunteers in New York.

We’ve seen some pretty wacky wedding themes while scrolling through cyberspace.

Couples who want to show off their own unique tastes on their big day tend to opt out of plain white weddings with a traditional cake, veil, ceremony, and reception.

Instead they do lavish destination weddings, rainbow weddings, Southern-themed weddings, and even retro-style weddings.

Laura and Chris Houck also wanted their ceremony to reflect their unique set of tastes. 

So they planned it all based off something that they both love a lot — Halloween!

Having a shared obsession with the colors, costumes, gore, and guts that go along with the holiday, they made their wedding into basically a big spooky party!

Between their cool venue, their amazing, candy-covered reception, and all the guests in full costume, you have to scroll down and see all the cool details that went into their big day.

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Laura and Chris Houck decided on the spooky theme for their wedding two weeks after they got engaged. 

“Halloween is my favorite. It’s his favorite holiday,” Laura explained to ABC News. “Chris is very big into the horror films. I’m more obsessed with the colors: the purples, the greens, oranges, and the decorations.”

Even their 4-year-old son is obsessed with the horror, haunts, blood, and guts that come along with the creepy holiday, and Laura wanted to make sure the boys had just as much fun on the big day as she did.

“He had fun, I had fun, everybody that was involved with it was such a big help to make it happen, but I wanted to make sure it was just as much him as it was me,” she said

The couple held their wedding at the Elmwood Park Zoo.

The backdrop for the event came complete with trees, colored tulle, and tombstones.

There was even a carousel on site that made a great setting for their wedding photos.

“The carousel was the perfect backdrop for our first-look photos,” she explained. “It was so colorful.”

The wedding party wore purple and black attire, with the bridesmaids secretly wearing Halloween-themed boxers. Their son even looked like a skeleton!

Wedding guests also came in costume for the ceremony, which was held on October 30. There were even prizes for the best outfit at the end.

Their reception looked like it was pulled from a spooky Halloween fantasy.

It came complete with scary centerpieces and a trick-or-treating bar where partygoers could load up on candy.

The couple loved all the ghoulish elements of their big day so much that they are actually throwing a big halloween party to mirror last year’s wedding.

It will have all the cool elements of the last party, minus the wedding gown!

By the looks if it, the couple has a pretty creepy marriage — in the best way possible of course!

We can’t wait to see what their next Halloween bash will look like.

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