10 Spooky Halloween Party Essentials For Moms Who Really Get Into The October Spirit

by Rachel Gariepy
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There are two different types of Halloween moms. Come All Hallow’s Eve, the first type of mom simply pops on some cat ears and hands out fun-sized candy bars until 9 p.m., and that’s that.

While that is all fine and dandy, this Halloween party essentials list is for the other type of mom. That’s the type of mom who really gets into the spirit of the holiday and goes all out with a full-on costume (something elaborate like a Victorian queen complete with a brocade gown and powdered wig), plenty of tricks and treats, and a home that is decorated so spookily that some of the younger neighbor kids won’t actually step foot on the property for the entire month of October.

She may even be so bold as to host a raging Halloween party with friends, family, and neighbors.

That’s where we step in. We want to make sure any Halloween home decor is up to our spooky standards, and so we’ve found all the scariest items to decorate your home and yard with this October. The only things that aren’t frightening about this list are the price tags.

Giant Scary Outdoor Inflatable Spider, $39.99

inflatable spider

You need to set the tone right from the moment people start nearing your front lawn, and there is no better way to do it than with a giant inflatable spider that is both menacing and festive!

Shop the Giant Inflatable Spider (Walmart, $39.99).

White Pumpkin Trio, $25

white pumpkin trio

If you’re looking to do something a bit upscale, consider placing these white pumpkin trios all over your home with plenty of lit candles.

Shop the Pumpkin Trio (Walmart, $25).

Frankie Piñata, $22

Frankie pinata

There are only a few times a year when a piñata is an acceptable thing to have hanging in your home. Halloween is most definitely one of those times. Fill this Frankie Piñata with whatever tricks and treats you and your family and friends so desire.

Shop the Frankie Piñata (Walmart, $22).

Swinging Skeleton Clown, $22.98

skeleton clown

If you happen to have a swing or a low tree branch in your yard, this swinging skeleton clown is perfect for frightening the neighbors as they saunter past your house.

Shop the Skeleton Clown (Walmart, $22.98).

Lighted Hanging Pumpkin Ghoul, $15.97

hanging ghoul

Maybe you prefer a hanging ghoul with glinting eyes that follow trick-or-treaters wherever they go? If so, this is the ghoulish decoration for you!

Shop the Hanging Ghoul (Walmart, $15.97).

Spooky Eyeglass Frames, $9.68

spooky glasses frames

You can pass out these adorably spooky eyeglass frames to the neighborhood children, or you can make your friend’s husband Pete (who egregiously showed up sans costume) wear them for the rest of the night.

Shop the Spooky Frames (Walmart, $9.68).

Terrifying Skeleton Climber, $34.99

skeleton climber

For all my next-level decorators (you know who you are), this terrifying skeleton window climber will scare the pants off anyone who decides to look out the bathroom window during your Halloween party!

Shop the Skeleton Climber (Walmart, $34.99).

Pumpkin Patch Party Supplies Kit, $24.45

halloween party supplies

Make sure you don’t serve your scary snacks on just any old flatware. To amp up your party theme, grab this kit with Halloween paper plates, napkins, and plastic utensils.

Shop the Halloween Supplies Kit (Walmart, $24.45).


Inflatable Vampire Mickey, $91.98

vampire mickey

Why not combine your love of the Halloween season with your love of all things Disney? This giant inflatable vampire Mickey is perfect for your outdoor decor!

Shop Vampire Mickey (Walmart, $91.98).

"Sorry We're Dead" Retail Sign

dead signs

Hang this sign on your front door when the party and trick-or-treating finally comes to an end. I know it’s a shame, but Halloween does eventually have to be over.

Shop the Dead Sign (Walmart, $8.82).

Not done shopping? There’s a ton more where that came from. Check out more Halloween Party Essentials at Walmart!

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