17 Hilarious And Adorable Halloween Costumes That Dogs Won’t Hate

by Karen Belz
Karen Belz has written for sites such as Bustle, HelloGiggles, Romper, and So Yummy. She's the mom of a sassy toddler and drinks an alarming amount of Sugar-Free Red Bull in order to keep up with her.

I adopted my dog back in 2012. Even though I did all of the research and prepped for his homecoming the best that I could, there were still things I learned along the way.

For one, my dog doesn’t really get along with other dogs. Secondly, he hates most Halloween costumes — especially those with hoods on them.

Even though he will tolerate a sweater or two during the colder months, Halloween has always been a gamble. Nobody wants to make their pet uncomfortable, but it’s also hard to see the costume selection at Target every year and think, Maybe this year he’ll change his mind. Word to the wise: He never will. If he’s uncomfortable in an elaborate costume, he’ll always be uncomfortable.

The very last costume I tried for him was the biggest success. He was a Democratic presidential candidate. He wore the costume indoors (since, remember, any sort of Halloween dog parade wouldn’t fly with this guy), but he didn’t reject it as he did the other Halloween costumes I’ve tried years prior. Why? Because it fit him like a shirt. It didn’t include a lot of extras, and it didn’t get in his way.

Even though we love our pets, sometimes we forget that they’re not all that familiar with Halloween. They don’t realize that it’s an annual tradition to dress up in costume and have fun. Instead, they just see it as an obstacle that wasn’t there yesterday. Every dog is different, but some just can’t really adjust or adapt to an extra layer.

Here are 17 Halloween costumes that your temperamental dog might not hate this year. Because remember — it’s only a happy holiday if your pup isn’t miserable.

A Rainbow

halloween costumes

This year, Target is offering up a rainbow costume for pets as part of its Hyde & EEK! Boutique. This costume is perfect for pups who don’t feel comfortable with anything on their heads or on their feet. It’s also very fitting, as dogs and rainbows are both capable of brightening your day.

Shop Now: Rainbow Dog Costume (Target, $12.99)

The Joker


If you’re looking for a topical costume, this may be the one. While this costume comes with a wig, you can always leave it out if your dog isn’t fond of it. Even without the hair, people will have no problem identifying your pup’s costume of choice.

Shop Now: Joker Costume (Target, $13.99)

Dog Piano Mover


Granted, this may be one of the strangest dog costumes out there this year. But it’s still hilarious, and it’s light enough for your dog to be comfortable. Doesn’t every dog wish they had a built-in buddy? Prices vary by size.

Shop Now: Piano Mover Costume (Walmart, $30.33+)

Beanie Baby

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Much like your dog, Beanie Babies are cute and special. This costume is simple and comfortable, and it easily gets the point across. Who wouldn’t recognize that familiar red tag?

Shop Now: Beanie Baby Costume (Amazon, $13.99)

The Bachelor

The Bachelor

A few years back, Demi Lovato — a fan of the reality show —dressed her dog Buddy as The Bachelor. All it took? A tuxedo and — if you want to stage a photo shoot — some flower petals. You can create the same look for your pup. Bonus: Dogs can wear it again if they get invited to any fall or winter weddings.

Shop Now: Dog Tux (Amazon, $12.99)

Ghost Dog Sweater

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Yes, a sweater counts as a costume — especially if your dog doesn’t wear them all that often. This is a good look for dogs who won’t tolerate much at all. It shows they’re still being festive, but in a way that’s more comfortable for them.

Shop Now: Frisco Spooky Ghost Sweater (Chewy, $13.99)

PJ Dog

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There’s a good chance that your pup doesn’t wear pajamas to bed. That’s why a pair of dog-friendly PJs make the perfect costume. Since Halloween is in October, this comfy costume will give dogs a little extra warmth if they go trick-or-treating around the neighborhood.

Shop Now: JoJo Siwa Pajama Jumpsuit (Target, $16.99)

Security Guard


If your dog is also a great watchdog, you might as well give her the official title of “security guard” this Halloween. This costume is more or less just a shirt. So if your dog is OK with the occasional sweater, this should be one of the best costume successes yet.

Shop Now: Security Guard Shirt (Amazon, $9.99+)



halloween costumes

Who doesn’t love tacos? This costume doesn’t include a hood, which is often troublesome for some pups. This costume is also easy for your dog to wear on walks, which means you’ll have little trouble when it comes to going outside. Your dog’s legs will also be free, as this closes up near the neck.

Shop Now: Taco Costume (Petco, $15.39+)

Business Executive


The one issue with this costume? It’ll be way too tempting to dress your dog in it on a daily basis. There’s something about seeing your dog dress as a business executive that makes going into work not that bad. Prices vary by size.

Shop Now: Business Executive Costume (Amazon, $17.82+)



Your dog is already a superhero in your eyes. With this cape, she’ll look the part just slightly more. Prices vary by size.

Shop Now: Superman Cape (Amazon, $7.99+)



This is a costume that’s actually just a bandana. But if you have a dog who freaks out at the sight of a Halloween costume, this will be an easier solution to make your pup both seasonally appropriate and happy.

Shop Now: Skeleton Bandana (Walmart, $8.22)

Police Dog

Police Dog

If your pup follows all the rules, you should consider dressing him up as a police dog. The K-9 unit would be lucky to have your dog on board. This outfit looks both cute and cozy.

Shop Now: K-9 Police Costume (Walmart, $7.59+)

Flamingo Rider


What’s this costume? Well — tough to say. Target refers to it as “Flamingo Rider,” which is definitely accurate. It may not be to scale, but that doesn’t mean it’s not adorable. If you (or your dog) are a fan of flamingos, this may be a great costume selection this year.

Shop Now: Flamingo Rider (Target, $9.99)


halloween costumes

A pumpkin is a great default costume for anyone (dog or human) who doesn’t know what to dress up as. Pumpkins are a great symbol of fall, and your dog likely won’t hate wearing this minimal costume to show his seasonal pride.

Shop Now: Thrills & Chills Pumpkin Costume ($19.99, PetSmart)


halloween costumes

Dogs might not even realize they’re wearing this costume. This sailor bib is enough to resemble a full costume, and your very good boy or girl will look stunning in it. Even better, it’s handmade with snaps instead of Velcro to help ensure it won’t fall off.

Shop Now: Sailor Cape (Etsy, $28.99)



halloween costumes

For the past few years, Target has sold a pizza costume — both for adults and children. And every year, I think about getting it. Still, I’m empty handed. Let your dog take over the honor of being pizza, which is the most beloved dinner option of all. While Kostumed has a ton of wonderful options, pizza is great for dogs who don’t do hoods or headpieces.

Shop Now: Pizza Costume (Kostumed, $32.99)


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