14 Good Boys And Girls Who Deserve A Treat For Their Halloween Costumes This Year

by Olivia Jakiel
Olivia Jakiel is an experienced editor and writer residing in the magical and enchanting land of North Hollywood, CA. She enjoys baking, cooking, and long walks to the wine cellar with her dog, and also consumes rotisserie chicken at an extremely alarming rate. Bylines on HelloGiggles, MSN, Yahoo, Obsev, and more.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of kids and adults don their best costumes for Halloween. It’s an age-old tradition, and it never gets old seeing people flex their creative muscles and pretend to be someone else for a night (or these days, the weekends before and after Halloween, plus the actual day itself).

What’s even more exciting than seeing a little toddler dressed as a grandma or a group of teens dressed as the characters in Alice in Wonderland, though? Seeing our beloved canine companions all festive and ready to trick or treat!

This past weekend, many humans and pooches alike got into the Halloween spirit, flaunting their impressive costumes in parades, at parties, and, of course, on the internet. Because if you didn’t post a picture of you or your pup in a costume, did you really wear one at all?

Scroll through the pics below to see some of the most adorable doggo costumes this year, and make sure you give your own Very Good Boy or Girl plenty of spooky treats!

Not quite sure what this group is supposed to be, but whatever they are, I support them with every bit of my being.

Every dog is a superhero, and this just confirms it.

This might be the cutest UPS delivery man I’ve ever seen!

Hot dog! Literally.

A boo-tiful trio of ghosts, if you ask me!

Couldn’t you just eat this little guy right up?

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s… SUPERDOG(s)!

This little Chihuahua looks more like Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter than Daniel Radcliffe does.

How does this guy look more legit as Willy Wonka than Johnny Depp did in the remake of the classic film?

The only thing this little guy has stolen is my heart.

Honestly, if I look half as good as this dog does with gray/white hair when I’m older, I’ll be happy.

Dog’s world! Party time! Excellent! Seriously though, what a brilliant costume for a pair of pups.

I honestly don’t think it gets purer than this. A literal angel on earth!!

And of course, I couldn’t leave my own little French toast off this list! He’s thrilled, I promise.