Massage Therapist Shares Photo Of Hairdresser’s Back To Show Real Impact On Stylists’ Bodies

by Ileana Paules-Bronet
Ileana is the Editor of Original Content. She lives in Queens, NY.

Most of us get our hair cut every few months. We take an hour or two out of our day to make our way over to a hair salon or barber shop to get a trim.

Some people don’t care who cuts their hair, while others have a single hairdresser they go back to time and time again.

For many individuals, going to the hair salon is almost like a therapy session, since you can talk to hairstylists about anything. Part of the job is being friendly and easy to get along with, which is why many people actually end up getting really close with their hairstylists.

That being said, there’s still this idea in society that being a hairdresser or stylist is an easy job. In reality, there’s nothing easy about it.

Just because it’s not an office job doesn’t mean it isn’t ridiculously challenging both emotionally and physically.

This massage therapist’s photo proves how hard being a hairstylist really can be.

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hitesh facebook

On October 11, 2017, massage therapist and healer Hitesh Patel shared four photos on Facebook.

To date, the post has gotten over 11,000 reactions and over 24,000 shares.

caroline back

Hitesh wrote:

The joys of being a hairdresser!

Because spending hours standing on your feet rotated forward, whilst holding brush in one hand and a hairdryer in the other angle over your clients head for hours and hours.


Your muscles develop and stop holding your skeletal system in an unnatural off central position.


So then when you finally do put down your crimping equipment and try and sit down in a natural neutral position it just doesn’t work.

gua sha

To reset your muscles we need to gua sha all the scar tissue and then pin and stretch your muscles and then re-align your spine so when you do your yoga exercises it has a greater affect [sic].


Next time you look at your hairdresser and think they have an easy life, think of these pictures and see how much they sacrifice their own health just so your hair can look good!

fitness gua sha

It’s not just hairdressers but any job including fitness instructors, dentists, mechanics, pharmacist.


If you’re not looking after your body on a regular basis it can all tighten up and cause you pain later on down the line.

gua sha treatment

Hitesh explained that he did a gua sha treatment on Caroline, a hairdresser, full-time mom, and cross-fitter.

Gua sha is a treatment from traditional Chinese medicine. During a gua sha session, the skin is scraped to stimulate blood flow and healing. It also causes these light bruises on the body.

caroline sharpe

In another post, Hitesh wrote:

Carrying on from my Wednesday post about hairdressers,

The first picture is Caroline Sharpe, A hairdresser, full time mum and a Cross-fitter! She’s gone for a triple whammy.

Even when you’re training hard to counterbalance, the stagnant positions of being a hairdresser you still develop lots of pathogens and sticky bits in your muscles that prevent you from moving freely as you like.

This is where this Chinese massage treatment comes into its own!

gua sha massage

Gua sha breaks down any scarring or adhesion which have formed in your muscles and helps prevent further injury.

The beauty with this treatment is that you will gain mobility straight away, but along will need to be following a stretching routine on a regular basis!

Hairdressers and personal trainers worked so hard to get you looking your best but it comes at a price of their own well-being. But luckily these guys are looking after themselves on a regular basis and preventing serious pain and damage. Question is what are you doing to look after yourself?

hitesh gua sha

When his post started getting international attention, Hitesh took some time to clarify that hairdressing itself does not cause these bruises. He wrote:

Dear everybody following the hairdressing post.

We would just like to make it clear that it’s not just hairdressing that causes this red marks.



We would like you know that she loves her job and this is just one of the many treatments available to help her continue in her chosen profession.

The red marks are just indicators to show where she has tightness or stagnation in her muscles.

Every job will cause this to some degree. 

stylists hair

Did you ever think about how hard styling hair could be on someone’s body?

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