Single Mom Has A Stroke 2 Weeks After Her Neck Is Bent Too Far Back In Hair Salon Sink

by June Rivers
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In 2016, Elizabeth Smith went to the hair salon to get a quick shampoo. She was only in the salon chair for about 10 minutes — getting shampooed, conditioned, and rinsed.

Eight days later, the single mom from California noticed some very bizarre symptoms. She was vomiting, having trouble standing, and felt weakness in her left arm and leg.

One week later, Elizabeth suffered a stroke.

Elizabeth’s health had taken such a turn for the worse that doctors didn’t think she would make it. But what could have caused the sudden stroke?

Once she got her CT scan results back, it didn’t take long for the stunning truth to emerge about her rare disorder and relatively unknown medical phenomenon.

As it turned out, the incident began when Elizabeth sat down in the salon chair and tilted her head backwards.

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