What The Hair Color You Choose Says About You

by Phil Mutz
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The way we present ourselves to the world can say a lot about our personalities. The clothes we wear, the cars we drive, and the hairstyles we choose are extremely revealing.

I’ve seen many different personality tests, like this one that says your fears can reveal secrets about you, and separately, I know many people who have asked, “What is the best hair color for me?”

I never put the two together, but that’s what this personality test does. I had no idea that the hair color we are drawn to could say so much about our personalities. When I saw how accurate mine was, I couldn’t believe it.

Rose Weitz, a women and gender studies professor at Arizona State University writes that hair color “becomes a reflection of who that person is, and a sign of our identity.” There is a direct correlation between our hair color preference and who we are deep down.

Color expert Jacob Olesen writes that science has proven that hair color “actually influences our blood pressure. So, if you color your hair… you will likely influence your behavior and, after awhile, even adopt the stereotypes associated with it.”

So I can actually alter my personality by changing hair dye colors? Naturally I was fascinated to see what each of these different hair color ideas revealed and how the color I’m most drawn to could affect my behavior.

Scroll through this color quiz to see what the hair color you are most taken in by means about your personality.

Does your description sound accurate? Let us know in the comments.

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Go ahead and pick which hair color you are most drawn to. Perhaps pick the color you'd like to dye your hair. Once you have your choice, keep scrolling to see what it means!

Hair color ideas color quiz
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Hair color ideas brown

If you are most drawn to beautiful brown hair, chances are you are a reliable and dependable person. You have a steady demeanor and people around you know they can count on you.

A study of female CEOs found that 67% of them would choose brown as a hair color. As leaders of their companies, they are people who know how to get things done. Even in relationships, brown hair implies reliability. A study in Men’s Health found that “men are more likely to marry a brunette. This is because they associate women with brown hair as being more reliable and steady.”

Your steady personality can mean great things for you. Now would be a great time to embrace your natural leaderships skills and take charge either at home or at work. Your hard work and dependability will be an inspiration to others, making you an all-star in their eyes.

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If you are most drawn to gorgeous black hair, odds are that you are a deep individual. You are thoughtful in your friendships and relationships. You also have a flair for numbers, particularly when it comes to finances.

Fascinatingly, the hair color specialists at All Women’s Talk write, “Did you know that black-haired women are considered to be experts in finance?” Your logical nature makes you often look within yourself for the answer. You look within for the answer to a relationship problem just as you look within for the answer to a math question.

Your deep nature makes you the perfect friend to go to for advice. You always put much thought and consideration into how you advise your loved ones. Just make sure you have someone to go to in return. You deserve friends who are just as thoughtful as you are!

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