Young Couple Finds Out If Their Baby Is A Boy Or Girl In The Cutest Way Possible

by Paul Morris
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When Amanda and Gerald found out they were going to have a child, they knew that this baby was going to be very special.

Amanda had lost their first at just 21 weeks, so the young couple was understandably a bit nervous when they found out another one was on the way. To make matters even more intense, the due date for this baby was the exact same as their first child. As March 1 got closer and closer, the anticipation must have been building like crazy.

Amanda and Gerald decided they wanted to do something for the gender reveal. Instead of finding out in the doctor’s office, they decided to hand their hair stylist friend, Amber Sacrison, an envelope from the doctor.

Mom wanted blue hair for a boy, and pink for a girl.

They covered up the mirror and had the mom-to-be close her eyes, and when Amber was finished, the joy on their faces is incredible to watch! It took seven hours of work from this amazing hair stylist to give Amanda this present, but it really seems well worth it!

It should also be noted that Amanda spoke with her OB-GYN to make sure this hair dye wouldn’t be a problem for the baby. The color molecules were too large to even enter her bloodstream, and the salon was well-ventilated, so fumes wouldn’t be an issue of any sort.

And a week after the due date, Amanda gave birth to a beautiful new baby. Check out the video to find out the gender!

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