Mom Finds One Identical Twin Collapsed On Bathroom Floor As Doctor Finds A ‘Tangle’ In Her Brain

by Barbara Diamond
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Peggy and Jeff Kehoe were thrilled to welcome their pair of healthy twin girls, Hailey and Jenna, into the world.

The identical twin sisters, with their beautiful blonde hair and bright blue eyes, shared an unbreakable bond from the start.

The girls were growing up normal and healthy. But 12 years later, on February 9, 2013, life changed in an instant. Peggy and Jeff found Hailey laying on the bathroom floor. She couldn’t open her eyes and was slurring her words. Worst of all, she felt excruciating pain in her head. Peggy and Jeff knew something was wrong, but at the time they had no idea the extent of Hailey’s condition.

Doctors at the local hospital discovered Hailey had suffered a brain hemorrhage. When a preacher showed up to console the family, Peggy knew there was a chance she may not survive.

Doctors said there was nothing they could do — but the Kehoe family refused to accept this.

Life Lion, a critical care transport crew, flew Hailey to Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital. There, Peggy and Jeff gave doctors consent to perform emergency surgery in order to relieve the pressure in Hailey’s brain. At this point, she was in a coma and couldn’t breathe on her own.

By Hailey’s side the entire time was Jenna, her identical twin sister. “She held her hand and told her she needed to pull through this… because she couldn’t live without her twin,” Peggy says.

As it turned out, Hailey born with brain arteriovenous malformation (AVM), a tangle in the brain of blood vessels connecting arteries and veins. Should Hailey wake up, Peggy and Jeff were told her AVM needed to be fixed or she would suffer her entire life.

Within a few days, Hailey did wake up — and now everyone who knows her describes her as a true miracle.

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