14-Year-Old Who Lives In A Secret Community Throws Party To Find Her Future Husband

by Amy Paige
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In 2012, the first season of My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding featured an episode about a secret community of Romanichal Gypsies who lived in Douglasville, Georgia. One of these Gypsies was a 14-year-old girl named Priscilla who lived with her mother, father, and little brother.

In accordance with Gypsy tradition, Priscilla was nearly ready to get married. But first she needed to find a suitable husband. “The women stay home,” her mom told the cameras. “They clean, they take care of their husband. That is our job.”

While outsiders may not understand, she said it was simply their way of life. Priscilla spent her days cleaning the home and helping to raise her baby brother, who has autism. At the time, she said she was completely happy and even excited about her unconventional lifestyle.

In the episode, Priscilla’s parents threw her a Halloween party with the sole purpose of showing her off to potential partners. The teen went viral once she debuted her giant pink dress, full of frills, hearts, and sparkles. But did she find her Prince Charming?

Watch the video below to find out.

(It should be noted that by age 21, Priscilla had become a professional wrestler who’d broken away from her strict upbringing.)

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