Mom Notices Baby Resembles A Certain Food Network Star, So She Throws Him Guy Fieri–Themed Party

by Kim Wong-Shing
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A baby’s first birthday is an incredibly important occasion, but it’s usually more memorable for the adults than the actual baby.

What better time, then, to go all out on a ridiculous, fun theme?

For one California mom, that theme was Guy Fieri. And when you see her son, Campbell, you’ll understand why.

Guy Fieri is the host of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives on the Food Network, where he travels around the country eating famous dishes. He’s become famous for his catchphrases (“Flavortown”) and signature spiky, bleached-blonde hair.

Meanwhile, Campbell is the toddler son of Nataly Stein.

With his blonde, spiky hair, he bears an undeniably striking resemblance to Guy. You see where this is going?

Although Nataly ironically doesn’t actually watch the show, she knew what she had to do: Dress her son up as Guy Fieri and throw a Flavortown-themed party.

After a ton of planning by Nataly, 150 guests showed up to enjoy the Guy Fieri–themed shindig. The party was complete with props, including a life-size cutout of Guy.

It’s everything a Food Network lover could dream of!

Nataly Stein’s son, Campbell, recently turned one. And because he strongly resembles Food Network star Guy Fieri, she decided to base Campbell’s party theme on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.

Nataly, who owns a California bakery chain called Great Dane Bakery, prepared cakes in the shape of pizza, pancakes, hamburger, and a nacho plate, and there was a life-size cutout of Guy himself.

Nataly Stein

And baby Campbell was all dressed up, just like Guy, for the occasion.


Basically, it was Flavortown come to life.

Nataly told Babble that the party and theme were extra special for Campbell because when he was born, doctors feared he might have a rare disease that would make him highly allergic to basically any food.

Luckily, Campbell was found to be clear of the disease, leaving him free to pig out on his birthday and make Guy Fieri proud!

Still, Nataly admits that the party was mostly for the adults’ enjoyment.

“I have never pretended this party was all about my baby. It was an adult party and we had fun dressing up, eating, and celebrating Campbell’s health and me and my husband surviving another year as parents,” she admitted to Babble.

Nataly Stein

Nataly is a big fan of over-the-top parties. Given that she owns three bakery locations, this makes her the perfect mom for the job.

She nailed every little detail, including the invitations and Flavortown-themed treats.

About 150 lucky guests showed up to the party.

As Nataly said: “Is Flavortown really Flavortown if the whole town isn’t there?”

Hilariously, Nataly has never actually seen Guy Fieri’s show. But in planning Campbell’s party, she clearly did her research.

There was even a ranch fountain!

And there were also some special details just for Campbell, like this adorable soup donation station, where guests were asked to donate canned goods rather than bring gifts.

Nataly Stein

This isn’t the first time Guy Fieri has been turned into an epic costume or theme.

A few years ago, Chrissy Teigen dressed up as Guy for Halloween and completely nailed it.

Fellow celebrity chef Mario Batali has also dressed up as Guy.

Guy doesn’t yet seem to be aware of this amazing baby birthday party in his honor, though Nataly said she’d love him to come to one of her Great Dane Bakery locations.

But in general, Guy is in favor of being turned into a costume.

“I think it’s funny,” he told People in 2016. “It’s cool. You gotta be able to laugh. You gotta be able to enjoy it.”

Fingers crossed for an eventual baby Campbell + Guy Fieri mash-up!