Guy Is Too Distracted By Phone To See Massive Whales Below His Feet And Is Ridiculed On Facebook

by June Rivers
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You can sure miss a lot when you’re too busy on your cell phone to notice the world around you.

In 2015, a photographer named Eric Smith was boating off the coast of Redondo Beach, California when he spotted two massive humpback whales in the water.

Amazed by the surreal sight of these magnificent creatures, Eric quickly pulled out his camera and started snapping photos. But then he noticed an unnamed man in the background sitting on another boat nearby.

The man was so distracted by his cell phone that he had no clue about the pair of giant creatures swimming just below his feet!

“Through the course of five or six shots, he never moved,” Eric said. Meanwhile, one of the whales was only about two feet away from his boat!

Eric uploaded his photo of the whales — and the oblivious texter — to Instagram where it quickly went viral.

Many commenters say the man could have been working on or dealing with something important, but Eric says the photo still has a powerful and unexpected message.

“This is not about one guy on a boat. The photograph is not about that; it’s a commentary on society today.”

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