Watch This Brave Veteran’s Therapy Dog Help Calm His PTSD

by Caroline Bayard
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While we get ready to celebrate Independence Day with some fun in the sun with family and friends, it’s important to remember that freedom isn’t free.

Ask any soldier and they’ll tell you exactly why. You don’t return home after fighting for your country completely unscathed — and it’s important to be respectful of things like fireworks now more than ever.

For Erick Scott, 16 years in the Army took more of a toll on his life than he ever expected. Unlike many of our heroes who come home with visible wounds from battle, Scott’s injuries were mental and far worse than some of his brothers.

Scott was medically discharged in 2012 after three separate tours on the front lines of the war in Iraq.

He suffered a traumatic brain injury from multiple concussions and countless explosions. If you’ve ever met anyone who suffers from post traumatic stress disorder, you know how completely debilitating it can be. When doctors diagnosed Scott, he tried everything he could before realizing he didn’t want to fight anymore…or do it alone.

Scott was paired with service dog Gumbo through the organization K9s for Warriors, in an attempt to help control his rage and never-ending anxiety. In the following interview with USA Today, it’s clear how important therapy dogs are for our heroes who are suffering. During the on-camera interview, Gumbo jumps on Scott’s lap and started licking his face, before he even knew he was getting upset.

If that isn’t a perfect example of why dogs are truly “man’s best friend,” I don’t know what is.

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