Playboy Jerk Schedules 6 Dates Back-To-Back, Then The Girls Realize His Plan And Get Revenge

by Kate Taylor
Kate is a writer who laughs at her own jokes and likes to pour too much hot sauce on her food.

You can never know what to expect on a first date. It could be love at first sight, or you could be itching to get out of there from the moment you sit down.

First dates are always a gamble, but it’s reasonable to expect that you’ll at least be the only date the person you’re meeting has that night. Not only is it common courtesy, but most people have enough trouble getting one date, let alone several — on the same night.

Unfortunately, one Twitter user, Lisette Pylant, discovered that her first date with a new guy was also his first date… of the night. In fact, he had scheduled six back-to-back dates with different women — all at the same bar.

Lisette’s friends accidentally set her up with the kind of guy who schedules six dates in a night without even bothering to hide it from his prospective lady friends. Lucky for us, she recorded the entire ordeal, and made sure that the serial dater got exactly what he deserved.

Lisette shares via Twitter: 

Thread alert: so I go on what I think might be a date with a guy my friends set me up on on my birthday (yes it’s a bit hazy).

We meet up at a bar my friend works at. Said friend proceeds to text me telling me this guy sucks and I should run

I show up and he sucks but I figure I’ll stay because my friends are working at the bar

So 45 mins in his next date shows up because he double books himslef and he decides he’s going to friend zone me to get out of the situation.

I decide to play the friend in order to help the girl feel less awkward until he exits for a moment and then I tell her what’s up. 

We’ll call this girl katie – katie gets in on my quest to make this guy feel like the f***boy he clearly is and we chat for 30 mins

Then the third girl shows up – we’ll call her Riley. The guy leaves again and Riley, katie, and I team up. 

The two girls and I have now gotten both bartenders and the bouncer in on this and are taking this guy for all he’s worth over here. 

He’s now explaining why he broke up with his ex and Riley asked if he also met her on a “group date”

Don’t worry – we already asked if there’s going to be a rose ceremony. 

The two girls and I decided to be best friends, left together to go get drinks and dinner at another bar and left homeboy with the bill.

JK ITS NOT OVER! The bartender just texted us to tell us homeboy is on another date so I sent my friend over to retrieve his 8pm date.

You guys girl number FIVE just showed up BEFORE going to meet him because my friends intercepted her and told her not to waste her time. 


Went outside to make a call and ran into him leaving #5. He then tells me I’m the only one he wants to get to know still but that I should.

Obviously, said gentlemen doesn’t know the first thing about impressing women, or decent manners apparently.

Luckily, Linette and the girls were able to delve in a little deeper to ask why he embarked on such a risky venture.

His answers included,

“…A project manager, I manage my time efficiently.” And I say there’s no way to know someone in 40 mins of you have 5 dates lined up

He tried to say he was looking for love and his future wife. These “weren’t dates” they were apparently “pre-date conversations”

Unbelievably, that’s not the end of the story. After rescuing four other girls from the serial dater’s clutches, Lisette writes:


He finally realized he wasn’t winning and just walked out. #6 and her mom and aunt are now our new best friends

All is well that ends well, and Lisette and her new friends didn’t end the night alone.

However, it’s safe to say that Mystery Date Number 1 probably did.

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