Groomer Notices Dog’s Awful Condition, Rushes Her To The Vet After Discovering Years Of Abuse

by Ann-Sophie Kaemmerle
Native New Yorker, University of Virginia graduate, runner, and sometimes stand-up performer.

It’s simple: A dog, like any living being, has needs, wants, and feelings. People must consider all these factors before opening their homes to these lovable creatures.

Unfortunately, some poor pups end up in homes where their owners cannot take care of them. They are neglected, and may even get stuck and die in these conditions.

Groomers in Lexington, MA, were shocked when a cocker spaniel was brought to their establishment in dire condition. This dog didn’t just need a haircut, but medical care.

The dog, named Lolly, had matted fur, a painful ear infection, and swollen paws, among numerous other conditions. Her ears were bleeding and she was dehydrated.

The groomers immediately rushed her to the vet, vowing not to return her to her abusive owner.

Lolly’s former owner couldn’t care for her, and had to give her away. But when he visited, he was disgusted by the kind of condition she was living in.

Now, police are investigating the situation as unlawful neglect of an animal.

The groomers are devastated that anyone would treat a pet in such a way, but are glad that they could help Lolly get better. Now, they’re taking care of her and her vet bills, as if she were their own.

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