Groom Gives Wedding Speech, But It’s Not About His Bride — It’s About His Favorite Soccer Player

by Ann-Sophie Kaemmerle
Native New Yorker, University of Virginia graduate, runner, and sometimes stand-up performer.

To many people, a wedding is the ultimate show of love. Two people who are in love put their relationship on display in front of dozens in a public show of affection. It’s a rite of passage that most of us go through at least once in our lives.

But one of the most touching parts of any wedding is when the bride and groom declare their love out loud. This doesn’t just happen as they recite their vows to one another. It’s also part of their wedding speeches.

In the clip below, a groom delivers his speech in front of all the wedding guests and his glowing bride. He starts off by saying that it’s not often that one gets the opportunity to make declarations like this.

He continues by describing a person who is very important to him, and who has been a massive part of his life for seven years.

Of course, everyone assumes that this person is the bride. Even the bride is under the impression that her new hubby is talking about her.

But it’s when he mentions the person’s birthday that she frowns — he isn’t talking about her. He’s describing his favorite soccer player!

Everyone gets a good laugh out of this elaborate joke, but we can only imagine what the bride is thinking!

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