Groom Recites Heartfelt Vows For His Three Stepchildren

by Anna Halkidis
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When Daniel Evans told his bride, Tiffany Josh, “I do,” he didn’t only make a lifelong promise to her – he also recited heartfelt vows to her three children.

“You guys all gathered here today to watch us get married, but that isn’t the only thing that’s going to happen,” he told the wedding guests, according to Fox 59. “I’m going to marry her three children too.”

In 2011, Tiffany’s fiancé Adam Sarnecki was shot and killed in front of an Indiana pizzeria. Adam, 22, was trying to stop a car burglar, according to news reports.

One year later, Tiffany met Daniel and he helped get through the toughest time in her life. He popped the question in December 2014 and they were married a little less than a year later.

Just like professional racing driver Brian Scott, who took his bride’s daughter under his wing, Daniel also made a special promise to love his stepchildren like they are his own.

Daniel went down on one knee to give a beautiful speech to his adorable stepchildren, ages 10, 7, and 4.

“I also promise to be a patient, loving father. To care for, provide for, to be your strength and protect you from all harm,” he told them while fighting back tears.

Watch the beautiful moment below…

When Daniel Evans met his now three stepchildren (ages 10, 7, and 4), they were dealing with the loss of their father, Adam Sarnecki. He was murdered in 2011 while trying to stop a car burglar outside of a pizzeria in Indiana.

Daniel met their mom, Tiffany Josh, a year later. He was there for them through the grieving process and through the trial of Adam’s killer.

In December 2014, Daniel proposed to Tiffany.

For Daniel, this meant becoming a father to her three children.

That’s why on their wedding day in October 2015, Daniel recited vows to them as well.

“We have learned to love each other as you have so gracefully shared this wonderful woman with me, so I will share the love I feel for her with the three of you,” he told them while fighting back tears.

“I also promise to be a patient, loving father. To care for, provide for, to be your strength, and protect you from all harm.”

He continued: “Today I marry  your mom, I marry the three of you also. I promise to have and support you as my own.”

Tiffany told Fox 59 that there “wasn’t a dry eye in the house.”

Being a stepparent isn’t easy. That’s why it’s so touching to see people like Daniel Evans stepping up to the plate in such a massive way.

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