Woman Plans Her Wedding While Intended Groom Says He Has ‘No Desire’ To Be With Her

by June Rivers
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After dating for nearly five months, Suzanne was excited to plan her wedding to Ryan.

But while Ryan would often say he loved her and missed her when they were apart, he refused to say he was in love with her.

Still, the pair discussed getting married on the anniversary of their first date. Suzanne dove into wedding planning, looked at dresses and venues and even set up an online registry.

On “Dr. Phil,” Ryan dropped a bombshell. He insisted he had no desire to marry Suzanne, let alone be with her romantically!

That’s where Michelle comes in, making things more complicated.

You see, Ryan had been online friends with Suzanne’s “twin” Michelle for years before he even knew about Suzanne. He only met Suzanne after Michelle supposedly passed away from ovarian cancer in 2016.

Ryan apparently just played along with Suzanne and allowed her to believe she was his girlfriend. He claimd Suzanne, who is executor of Michelle’s estate, was refusing to provide him with items her twin left for him in her will, like an expensive car and diamond ring.

Viewers were upset that Ryan was leading Suzanne on, but then came the plot twist he never saw coming. The two-part episode of Dr. Phil revealed Michelle never existed in the first place. Suzanne made her up.

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