Son Passes Away At Hospital So Parents Adopt Baby Boy From The Same NICU 2 Months Later

by Emerald Pellot
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Katie and Josh Butler wanted to find meaning in their baby boy’s death.

Their son Dewey was their first child. He was born with unbalanced translocation of chromosome 6 and 10, a condition that caused him to pass away in 2015. He was just 132 days old.

While in the hospital during their son’s final days, Katie and Josh got to know the nursing staff. A couple of months after she lost Dewey, Katie prayed for another child.

The very next day, she got a life-changing message.

“I had been praying that I wanted another baby,” Katie recalled to Caters News. “Then the next day, I got a text message from a nurse who knew we had thought about fostering.”

About four days later, Katie and Josh met Brax. The newborn was in the same NICU as Dewey, but Brax’s parents couldn’t care for the child.

The couple knew instantly that Brax was their son. They were prepared with the medical equipment they had bought to care for Dewey. Brax had chronic respiratory failure, tracheomalacia, and pulmonary hypertension. However, Brax’s health is now expected to improve with time.

“We are so grateful for Brax, and if it weren’t for Dewey, we wouldn’t have met. It gave purpose to Dewey’s short life,” Katie said.

The couple believes they will meet Dewey again in the next life, but in this one they are grateful to have Brax.

“Our family has really taken to him. We have all this love because of Dewey and want to pour this love into Brax,” she said.

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