Woman Becomes ‘2nd Mom’ To Stranger’s Baby After Losing Her Daughter And Donating Breast Milk

by Kate Taylor
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No parent should have to think about what they would do if they lost their child, especially if the child is a newborn.

You couldn’t blame anyone in that situation for shutting themselves off from the world or taking a break from babies in general.

Jenny Rogers from Texas tragically lost her daughter Everly just six days after an emergency C-section at 31 weeks. Everly weighed just 1 lb., 40 oz. when she was born due to an intrauterine growth restriction.

Luckily, Jenny didn’t let that devastating loss hold her back from helping others.

While Everly fought for her life in the intensive care unit, Jenny made sure to save all of the breast milk she originally hoped would feed Everly.

Although her daughter never got to drink the milk, Jenny didn’t want the nutrients she produced to go to waste.

Photos: SWNS / Shanti Das; Elise Hurst Photography 

SWNS / Shanti Das

Jenny stored all the milk she’d pumped in the hospital fridge.

Sadly, Everly was only treated in the ICU for six days before she lost her fight.

Despite her complications, Jenny tells SWNS: “Everly was amazing. She was the most precious one-pound princess I have ever laid eyes on.”

SWNS / Shanti Das

Everly may have been gone, but Jenny had a friend who knew someone with a newborn who was also suffering.

Jenny was introduced to Dianne Burnett, whose daughter Merrytt was battling a respiratory infection and who’d had a bad reaction to formula.

SWNS / Shanti Das

Unlike Jenny, Dianne was having trouble producing breast milk and couldn’t feed her daughter, who desperately needed food.

SWNS / Shanti Das

Jenny says, “When [Everly] passed away, I didn’t want my hard-earned milk to be thrown in the trash.”

SWNS / Shanti Das

Dianne, who has one other child, called Everly her daughter Merrytt’s “guardian angel.”

SWNS / Shanti Das

Thanks to Jenny, Merrytt is 2 months old and thriving.

As you can imagine, Dianne was especially concerned with her daughter’s health during this severe flu season.

Although she didn’t lose a daughter herself, she understands the sacrifice Jenny is making.


SWNS / Shanti Das

Dianne said: “When I heard about Everly, my heart broke. I couldn’t help but feel a little selfish because I thought I was going through such a hard time but she had lost her baby.”

SWNS / Shanti Das

However, Jenny has found joy in helping Merrytt during her first few months.

In fact, Jenny still pumps milk for Merrytt months later, and bottle feeds her as well.

SWNS / Shanti Das

Dianne explained: “Jenny feels like family. We talk every day and I send her pictures of Merrytt. She is like her second mom.”

Elise Hurst Photography

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