Man Honors His Late Brother By Building Specialized Wheelchairs For People In Need

by Karen Ruffini
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After Lance Greathouse’s brother became ill with Parkinson’s disease, he was horrified of the trials and tribulations his brother faced once he became wheelchair-bound.

Greathouse decided to do more than just worry, and started to create equipment for people in need, just like his brother.

He wanted to make sure that he made a difference in someone’s life, like this father who helped his wheelchair-bound daughter dance in a pageant.

But Greathouse takes things a step further — he not only builds wheelchairs, he completely customizes them for each person in need.

“I’ve been called a lot of things. Mad scientist, creator, inventor. I make a lot of weird stuff, but really all I want to do is help people,” said Greathouse.

It’s clear that he impacts many lives, but this video focuses on one special case. William, who lost his leg to complications from a surgical procedure, gets around solely with a wheelchair.

“Without my chair, I wouldn’t be able to do anything,” he says.

Unfortunately, his wheelchair isn’t compatible with his active lifestyle. “When it breaks down, which is often, I wait weeks, sometimes months before my chair is fixed and back to me. During that time, I am confined to my apartment. I can’t leave, I can’t do anything.”

When William found out that Greathouse was working on a chair to fit his needs, he was amazed.

“When I heard about Lance, I just couldn’t believe that there was someone out there that would basically take care of all my needs. Lance treats me like a human being, not like a number,” says William.

Greathouse emphasizes that it’s not about money. “A lot of people that I’ve helped that tell me how much I’ve changed their life, and I’m doing it in the memory of my brother, which is probably the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done in my life.”

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