Young Woman Finds Great-Great Grandmother’s Nude Photos From 1890 And People Are Freaking Out

by Jess Butler
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Christmas is a time for family and festivities, but for one young woman, it was a time of great discovery.

A Tumblr user who goes by the name of “Gallusrostromegalus” on the site saw a picture online that poked fun at women today.

The photo was a meme and it joked that women back in the 1800s and 1900s were much more modest than women are now.

Once she saw it, she recalled one Christmas she’ll never forget. She happened to come across some revealing photos of her great-great-grandmother that were taken in 1890 couldn’t help but disagree with with

Naturally, the story was so funny, she had to post it online for others to enjoy — and boy did people respond to it!

While people everywhere are tickled by her story, she didn’t share the original photos themselves — they may have just been too private!

Keep scrolling to hear the entire story and find out more about the nude photos discovered on Christmas!

Thumbnail Photo: Flickr /simpleinsomnia // Tumblr / gallusrostromegalus

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Grandma takes nud photos.

A young woman on who goes by the name Gallusrostromegalus on Tumblr made quite a post one day.

She decided to share a story from an experience that occurred during Christmas 2012.

She started by setting the scene and introducing her family.

Then, she and her family find a brown envelope with something very unexpected inside.

There are four unused Titanic tickets, but that isn’t the most shocking find.

So, she and her sister dig deeper and pull out a few family photos that aren’t so family-friendly.

Grandma takes nude photos.

Inside the envelope, she finds nude photos — of her great-great grandmother!

After pulling the photos out of the brown envelope, she and her sister were in awe.

Nude photos.

The old photos were from 1890 and the family couldn’t believe their eyes.

Great-great grandma’s nude photos weren’t modest in the slightest, which made this young woman chuckle.

Contrary to popular belief, people back then had a wild side too!

Nude photos.

I don’t know what I would have done if I saw photos of my great-great grandma looking like this!

Nude photos

How would you have reacted if you found raunchy photos of your ancestors?

nude photos.

In the end, the nude photos made for a great form of entertainment.

The entire family couldn’t hold back their laughter upon making their little discovery.

Grandma takes nude photos.

Since she shared her story, she has received all sorts of comments.

Thousands of people reacted online and it’s no secret that nudity is a hot topic — even if the person being talked about was alive over 100 years ago.


The nude photos reminded some people of their own awkward memories.


Others were more concerned about what else was inside that brown evelope.

Grandma takes nude photos.

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