Great Dane Puppy Goes Absolutely Bonkers After Seeing Snow For The Very First Time

by Olivia Jakiel
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For most people, snow is a major pain in the butt. It’s cold and wet, and unless you’re sitting in front of a fire watching it gently fall down in a fluffy layer outside your home on Christmas Eve while sipping a piping hot mug of mulled wine, it’s not that fun to be around (in my personal opinion — bear with me, I live in California).

And while a human’s aversion to snow isn’t quite as entertaining, is there anything more pure than seeing a puppy play in the snow for the very first time? Probably not.

An 11-month-old harlequin Great Dane puppy named Donovan got his first taste of the fluffy white powder recently, and his owner captured the entire thing on camera.

Amanda Gonchar shot the video from her home in New Jersey. She told StoryTrender, “Donovan had never seen the snow before this. He was absolutely amazed by the snow.

He was out multiple times throughout the day as it snowed but did not want to come inside.”

She added, “All of my friends love Donovan; they think he’s a goofball.”

I mean, judging from the adorable video, I’d have to say Donovan, who is training to be a service dog, is the most lovable goofball of all time.

If you’re ready for your day to get 37 times better, scroll down and watch the video below!

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