5 Great Dane Puppies Bitten By The Same Rattlesnake Are Saved By Rare Injection

by Kim Wong-Shing
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This is a cautionary tale for dog owners everywhere: Beware of rattlesnakes!

In Oklahoma City, five Great Dane puppies were bitten by a rattlesnake while they were romping around in their backyard.

Their human swiftly intervened and took action.

The poor 8-week-old pups were rushed to the veterinary hospital with swollen faces and legs. Three of them suffered bites on their faces, and the other two had bites on their legs.

Dana Call, the ICU nursing manager at Neel Veterinary Hospital, has treated plenty of puppies with snake bites, but five puppies at once?

“This is a first for me to have five puppies bitten by the same snake,” Dana said.

Thankfully, both the owner and Dana knew exactly what to do in this situation.

“[The owner] called us right away and knew to ask if we had the anti-venom, so we were able to help them,” Dana said.

The anti-venom injection is the “gold standard” for treating snake bites in dogs.

“It decreases the amount of tissue damage and organ damage and other symptoms that can occur from the venom,” Dana explained.

All five puppies are now home with their human, and they’re recovering well. But this same situation could happen to any dog. That’s why it’s important for dog owners to educate themselves about what to do in case of a rattlesnake bite.

If you’re an especially outdoorsy person, Dana says there is a rattlesnake vaccine that you should get for your dog. Even so, your dog would still need to see a vet if bitten.

Footage provided by KFOR Oklahoma City

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