Gentle Giant Great Dane Plays ‘Mom’ To Rescued Pigs, Goats, Rabbits, And Hedgehogs

by Laura Caseley
Laura is a writer, illustrator, and artist living in New York City.

For a long time, Meylin Hadad kept her rabbit separate from her Great Dane, Missy. It seemed like a pretty natural course of action; after all, Great Danes are very big and rabbits are very small, and she wanted to make sure everyone stayed safe.

But one day, the rabbit got out of her hutch, and Meylin knew she had to act. Besides Missy, there were other dogs in the neighborhood that she knew might not be too friendly toward a bounding bunny.

While she called for her daughter to help round up the wayward rabbit, Missy took matters into her own paws.

She went out after the rabbit and, with her very long legs, easily chased her down.

“I’m like, OK, that’s it,” Meylin remembered, fearing the worst for the rabbit.

But when I got there, nothing had happened. She had grabbed the rabbit, but she was just holding her on the ground with her mouth. Her teeth weren’t even touching her. And when I picked up the rabbit, she started licking her. After that, I’m like, OK — this dog will never hurt anything.”

Missy has been living with Meylin and her family since 2012, when her original owners realized they couldn’t keep up with her enormous size. But despite being enormous, Missy proved that day that no matter how big you might be, you can still be loving and gentle.

And soon, she was proving that she was actually the perfect mother figure for the rest of the animals that Meylin rescued.

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Missy the Great Dane is a big dog, When she stands on two legs, she’s taller than her owner, South Florida resident Meylin Hadad.

Meylin took Missy in when her previous owners could no longer care for her, and Missy has been proving that her heart is just as big as she is.

Meylin also takes in animals of all kinds who need a home. Missy is always more than happy to greet newcomers and make them welcomed.

“She just immediately wants to play with everybody,” Meylin said. “Any new animal that I’ve brought in, she wants to nurture and take on the mommy role.”

And it doesn’t matter the type or the size of the animal. Here, Missy is saying hello to a hedgehog.

Last October, Meylin brought home Gordo, a potbellied piglet found running down the side of the highway by a friend who managed to scoop him up before he was hit by a car.

Gordo and Missy became fast friends.

In fact, Gordo approached Missy first, seemingly undeterred by her large size.

“That pig went directly to the dog,” Meylin said. “Obviously, the first time they met, I had Missy on a rope, just being cautious. But nope, they’ve been playing ever since. Gordo hops on top of her. It’s adorable.”

Every afternoon, when Meylin gets home from work and lets all the animals out for playtime in the big backyard, Gordo and Missy run right for each other and spend the day playing.

Gordo will get much bigger as he grows up. Soon the two will be more equal in terms of size, but Meylin doesn’t think the growth spurt will affect the friendship in any way.

She does imagine that their playtime dynamic will change a bit, though.

The other animals at Meylin’s house also look to Missy as a mother figure. Other family members include Sparky the Chihuahua, cats Knight and Soxs, Chip the squirrel, Sonic the hedgehog, and five chicks.

There’s also Kiki the goat and a mini pony named Silver Charm, who are about the same size as Missy.

Missy’s obviously a very special dog, and welcomes all the animals in need that Meylin opens her home to. You can follow this big family’s adventures on Instagram, too.

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