Rosco The Great Dane Sits On The Couch While Enjoying A Relaxing Massage

by Camille Moore
Camille is a proud Connecticut native who has been writing for as long as she can remember. When she isn't busy working, Camille enjoys hanging out with her dog and checking out cool local restaurants.

If there’s one thing all dogs love, it’s a nice rubdown. From head to toe, it’s no secret that dogs really enjoy being petted just as much as we love petting them.

In fact, there’s probably been more than a few times when you’ve wished that you could trade places with an adorable pup and have someone rub on you all day. Seriously, how many of you wish you could get a massage on a regular basis? I know I do.

Unfortunately, most of us don’t have the luxury of pampering ourselves all of the time, and top-notch massages often seem like something that are only available to the rich and famous. Well, for this dog, a little pampering is something that certainly isn’t out of the ordinary.

Rosco the Great Dane loves sitting on the couch and getting his legs massaged, and he even knows the correct position to assume when he sees his owner coming.

Due to his large size, Rosco probably really enjoys the chance to kick his feet up, and it’s also a great way for him to get some special bonding time with his owner. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t mind trading places with Rosco for a day! Dogs of this size are known for aching joints, so it seems like this human loves to take care of his big dog and make sure he’s happy!

Check out the video to see Rosco enjoying a nice rubdown — his reaction at the end says it all. Please SHARE this post on Facebook!

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