Grateful Mom Posts Heartwarming Message To Her Son When She Graduates College

by Jess Catcher
Jess grew up in Oklahoma before moving to New York to become a writer. She has a cat named Agnes.

My poor mom had to deal with so much from me while I was attempting to earn my college degree. After years of raising me, she and my dad thought they had done their duty when they said goodbye to me at the university a few hours away from our home. But after one semester, they greeted me back at the front door for more than just a Christmas break. Let’s just say I took my time figuring out which school was right for me, but that didn’t stop them from supporting me every step of the way.

For Jelinda Sheppard, the situation was reversed. The young mom found herself raising her son, Karter, on her own when his father left them while she was still in school. The North Carolina Agriculture and Technical State University student became pregnant with her little man her sophomore year and though that made earning her degree a bit more difficult, she was determined to set the best example for her child.

Despite the 4-year-old being at the age where he’s starting to be embarrassed by her public displays of affection, it’s clear this mom and son have a beautifully strong bond between them.

Following her graduation ceremony, Jelinda Sheppard, the tearful and grateful mama posted this photo with a gushing message about how much she owes Karter for being so supportive and understanding at such a young age.

“For all those nights you had to fall asleep in the library, for all those times you had to watch cartoons alone because I needed to do homework, for the early mornings in daycare because I needed to be in class to being the last one there because I had to work, most importantly for the moments of separation because I needed to get this done, Thank you. You are the motivation for my heart to keep beating. I love you more than words can say. I finished because you needed to see me do it. I’m not strong because I want to be, I’m strong because I’m your first example. We’ve seen a lot and overcame a lot more.”

It’s not the first time she’s shared how in awe she is of her son’s maturity and kindness. For his birthday, she posted these beautiful images and told the story of how when he was only 2 years old, they both found themselves fighting a bad stomach virus.

She didn’t catch the illness until he had already recovered, but he was there for her as the symptoms took their toll, “like a man you covered me and took care of me.”

It would have been so easy for her to throw in the towel when times got tough, but Sheppard is clearly setting an amazing example for her kiddo, which is reflected in his generous heart.

She not only graduated with a degree in mathematics, but also earned the honor of cum laude for her hard work.

And at just 24 years old, she will soon be a published author with a story based on Karter’s growing up without a strong father figure, titled, The Boy with No Shadow. This amazing mom is definitely going places with her precious baby boy right by her side.

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