Cashier Notices Panicky Woman Is Making A Strange Purchase, Then Realizes She’s Being Scammed

by Emerald Pellot
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Shelly Yost is a cashier at Kroger. One day, she noticed an older woman making a bizarre purchase. The woman was buying $2,000 worth of iTunes gift cards.

Something seemed off.

Yost asked the woman why she was buying so many gift cards. The elderly woman said her granddaughter was in jail with a broken nose and that she needed to buy the gift cards to bail her out. The story was a red flag.

The cashier had heard this one before. The woman was in a panic. She was terrified for her granddaughter’s well-being.

“I want to let you know your granddaughter is OK. This is a scam that we know happens,” Yost told her, but the woman refused to believe it.

“I asked her if she would please wait, and let me call the Sylvania police, so they could tell her that they would never accept gift cards as payment for somebody in jail. I didn’t want her to go somewhere else.”

Yost stalled the frightened woman for as long as she could while she quickly slipped away to call the police. Yost also noticed the woman had a keychain from an assisted living facility and called them.

The police arrived and talked the woman down. The assisted living facility was grateful.

“The next day, they showed up, and they were the most genuine people,” said Yost. “They hugged me so tight and thanked me over and over. And they handed me a card, which I took and said ‘Thank you’. When I opened it later, there was super-nice gift in there.”

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