Grandma Suffers Cardiac Arrest While Babysitting, Then Grandsons Remember What Mom Taught Them

by Caralynn Lippo
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The bravery of two little boys is being celebrated after they saved their grandma’s life using CPR.

People reports that 7-year-old Grayson and 10-year-old Kian Wu were at their grandma’s house on November 10 when she suffered a heart attack.

They realized something was wrong when they called out to ask her for a snack and she didn’t respond.

“So I looked over and she was, like—” Grayson told CBC News.

“Unconscious, on the couch,” Kian continued.

“She looked really dead,” Grayson added. “Spit was going back into her mouth. She was grunting a little.”

Their grandma, 62-year-old Patti Chatterson, had gone into full cardiac arrest after having a massive heart attack. Incredibly, the two little boys didn’t panic — they knew exactly what to do to help their grandma, thanks to their mom.

The boys’ mom, Lee Chatterson Wu, told CBC that she had taught the kids how to administer CPR just five months earlier. They’d been watching a movie with friends when one boy, whose parents are medical professionals, noted the use of CPR in a movie. After Lee reacted positively to their friend’s knowledge about CPR, Grayson and Kian asked her to show them how to perform it.

“I honestly didn’t think they’d ever need it,” Lee admitted.

With their grandma unconscious, the boys called 911. The dispatcher directed the kids to get their grandma flat onto the floor, where Kian started doing chest compressions as Grayson performed mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. By the time paramedics arrived seven minutes later, Lee’s heart had completely stopped, and she had to be defibrillated four times, according to Inside Edition.

Miraculously, Patti survived the scary ordeal and has recovered — largely thanks to her brave grandsons!

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