13 Grandparents Who Haven’t Quite Mastered Modern Technology

by Grace Eire
Grace plays in a band and is the mother to a black cat named Fitzhugh.

At the rate that technology is advancing, it can be pretty hard to keep up with it sometimes.

It seems like every time I catch up on all the new updates, another one comes about and I have to relearn things all over again!

These 13 grandparents are all having a bit of trouble with the new technology out there. Really, who can blame them? We all make mistakes sometimes, and it’s best to take a moment to laugh at ourselves, and to make others feel like we’re laughing along with them, not at them!

The world would be such a brighter place if we all remembered to laugh at our own little blunders, and these grandparent technology fails are no exception.

Have you ever caught yourself doing something silly like this on one of those newfangled devices? I know that I sure have, and more than once!

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1. Wrong Time

screen protector

This girl’s grandma wanted help fixing the clock on her phone because it seemed to be stuck at 10:24. Upon further inspection, it’s actually just the screen protector.

2. Cutting Board

cutting board

This nana thought that a tablet was a cutting board. I have to say, that makes for one very expensive cutting board.

3. Remote Essentials

3. Remote Essentials

Really, though, when did remotes get so gosh darn complicated? These really are the only things you should need!

4. Slowest Picture Message Ever


Imagine getting this selfie in the mail instead of sent as a message to your phone. I think I’d crack up!

5. Super Zoom

so zoomed

I think it just might be time for this grandpa to make an eye doctor appointment.

6. Printed Pictures

6. Printed Pictures

To be totally honest, I’m impressed grandma figured out how to use the printer. We can work on getting the actual picture, rather than a screen grab, later.

7. "Whose Phone Is This?"


Someone’s grandmother asked a group of friends whose phone this was. It is, in fact, a calculator. Though, with technology these days, who’s to say what could or could not be a phone?

8. More Remotes

8. More Remotes

Apparently it’s quite the popular move to help Grandma or Grandpa out with those pesky buttons.

9. Makeshift Zoom

9. Makeshift Zoom

This works all well and good, but do you think she carries the magnifying glass with her everywhere?

10. Giant Monitor

10. Giant Monitor

There’s no need for a magnifying glass with this behemoth of a computer screen.

11. Squint

text message

Someone get this grandpa a magnifying glass… or show him how to make the text on his phone larger.

12. Flawless Selfie


This first attempt at a selfie could have gone way worse, but there is still room for improvement.

13. Touch Screen

13. Touch Screen

I’m pretty sure that using a fork on a touch screen will get you absolutely nowhere, but I appreciate the creativity.

Nobody’s perfect, but it’s always good to be able to laugh at ourselves for the silly mistakes we make. Please SHARE these funny photos with your family and friends on Facebook!