Grandpa Breaks Down As Granddaughter Sings Her Secret Recording Of Song He Wrote In The ’80s

by Amy Paige
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Here’s an amazing example of life coming full circle.

Karli Willett wanted to give her beloved grandpa, Mike Brook, the best Christmas present of all time.

A gift he would cherish forever.

The teen is an aspiring singer and songwriter, so it was only fitting that she wanted her gift to be music-related. Then she made an incredible discovery.

When Mike was 21, he desperately wanted to join the Army and fight for our country. The young man was devastated when football injuries and hearing loss destroyed his chances of becoming a soldier.

But Mike was still fascinated with our armed heroes and immersed himself in war stories.

He was so inspired by one man’s experience fighting in Vietnam that he wrote a song about it back in the ’80s.

Mike would sing his song to Karli’s mom when she was a little girl. The lyrics and melody always held a special place in both their hearts, but Mike never had the chance to hear his original work as a finished recording.

That was, until his talented granddaughter discovered the lyrics he had written so many years ago.

Karli secretly finished writing his track and recorded it for her special gift.

You’re about to see the moment Mike hears the recording for the first time on Christmas Eve and realizes why it sounds so familiar.

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