Girl Raised In Orphanage Has Vague Memory Of Her Only Visitor. 90 Years Later, She’s Beside Her

by Amy Paige
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The majority of Una Pereira’s life has been filled with unanswered questions about her past and her identity.

At one point, the 93-year-old Texan grandmother told her grandson that if she were to win the lottery, the first thing she would do would be to use the money to find out who her birth mother really was.

Una was dropped off at an orphanage in the United Kingdom at the age of 2. She was raised there in the Nazareth House Hammersmith convent during the height of World War II.

She grew up in prewar London with no clear memories of her mother or father. But there were a couple of vague memories from her time at the convent that she could never shake.

A woman visited her at the orphanage, once with a baby in her arms. A few years later, she came back — only this time, she had two toddlers in tow, a boy and a girl.

There was also a name that, for some reason, Una could never get out of her head: Winifred. She just didn’t know who Winifred was or the significance behind the name.

Una eventually left the convent and joined the Royal Air Force before moving to the States and settling down in Texas, where she started a family.

All the while, she kept wondering about the name Winifred and the identity behind the woman who visited her at the convent so many years ago.

In 2012, Una’s son bought a home ancestry test, but it only left her with even more unanswered questions.

It wasn’t until Una’s grandson found himself in London that the pieces of the puzzle started coming together …

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