Grandmother Raising Her Daughter’s Triplets Gets A Generous $300 Tip From A Couple

by Ann-Sophie Kaemmerle
Native New Yorker, University of Virginia graduate, runner, and sometimes stand-up performer.

Shiela Weisgerber is an extraordinary grandmother. The 48-year-old is a bartender, and she loves talking about her daughter’s 4-year-old triplets, Bentley, Ashton, and Dalton.

She has also been caring and raising the boys since they were 2 months old.

Shiela’s daughter is a single mom, and already had her hands full with a toddler. When she learned she has having triplets, she decided that she couldn’t care for them herself, and left them with their grandmother. But Shiela is struggling herself. Bartending isn’t the most lucrative job, but she is fiercely proud of the boys, and will take any opportunity to brag about them to customers.

One day, a couple happened to walk into the bar. They were in the North Dakota town for a funeral. It so happened they overheard a conversation about Shiela’s grandsons that she was having with another customer. They were shocked to learn that her grand-babies were triplets!

It seemed like a normal exclamation to make, but when Shiela cleared their table after they left, she saw a note on their bill that reduced her to tears…

Scroll down to find out what simple gesture made the grandmother so thankful.

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Shiela Weisgerber’s daughter is a single mom. She struggled caring for her toddler, and when she found out that she was having triplet boys, she knew that it wasn’t going to be easy. When they were just 2 months old, she left them in Shiela’s care.

Now, the adorable boys are 4 years old and thriving! Shiela struggles, too — after all, her job as a bartender doesn’t bring her a lot of money, and every penny counts.

She loves talking about the boys — Bentley, Ashton, and Dalton — to her customers. One day, a couple walked into the bar, and overheard a conversation she was having.

The anonymous couple was shocked by what they heard: What an enormous responsibility to care for three young triplet boys! They left, and Shiela went to clear their table.

On their $33 tab, she saw a simple and kind note… and one enormous tip. Needless to say, she was touched by the gesture, and even moved to tears.

She writes in a Facebook post: “I’m at work tonight (am still) and this couple comes in and orders drinks. I was talking to a couple regulars about the boys and this couple overheard and said “Triplets?!?” and I smiled and said yes. So I showed them a picture and they were like “Holy Cow!” Well they paid with a card and left their slip on the bar, told me to have a good night, and left.”

I cleared their glasses and took their slip to put in the till and this is what they left. I couldn’t believe it! I had to go to the bathroom and cry for a few minutes… You only read about things like this happening… So grateful!”

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