Grandmother Can’t Hold Back Her Laughter After Using Popular Face Swap App

by Brett Myers
Brett is a writer from Georgia living in New York with a knack for all things music, film, and Internet. He's a big fan of YouTube, horror movies, 80s music, and cheese fries.

If you’ve kept up with all the latest apps, gizmos, and gadgets these days (and it’s hard since there’s always something new), a new app called Face Swap has been leaving the world crying with laughter.

As the title suggests, it can put another person’s face onto your face and make that face talk and emote like you would. If you want a fun way to spend time with the kids or anyone in your family, we definitely recommend downloading the app and giving it a try. The family in the video below definitely enjoyed themselves!

Confused and almost horrified at what she’s looking at, this sweet grandmother can’t decide whether she wants to laugh or cower away from her granddaughter’s phone as she puts these strange effects on her face. She keeps screaming, “Put a nice one on me! A nice one!” But each one is worse than the last. From a scary baby face to Beyoncé’s face to Justin Bieber’s face, she just can’t catch her breath from how shocking and silly this phone app is.

It’s so adorable to see her find so much joy in today’s technology. It just goes to show that no matter how mature or young we all may be, we all just want a good laugh with the ones we care about!

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