Watch The Touching Moment A Grandma With Alzheimer’s Remembers How To Play Piano

by Anna Halkidis
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While people with Alzheimer’s disease struggle to do simple everyday activities, some sufferers are still able to remember how to play an instrument.

It’s a fascinating phenomenon that’s been proven time and time again from various seniors with the disease, including Maria Malone, who beautifully played a tune onstage at Vanderbilt University despite her condition.

Below is another incredible moment by a woman named Janet Quinn, who was diagnosed with the disease in 2007. A piano player since she was little, Quinn was able to sit in front of her old piano after 35 years and effortlessly play a song.

The jaw-dropping moment understandably left her family in complete awe.

“My 78-year-old grandmother has advanced Alzheimer’s but somehow [remembers] how to play after years of being away from it,” granddaughter Alexandria Sullivan shared. “She can’t remember her late husband or children’s names, we were amazed.”

Yet, experts know how beneficial music can be for those with any type of dementia.

“People living with dementia may lose the ability to express themselves verbally but may also sing with great gusto upon hearing a familiar song,” arts therapist Caroline Edasis told the Chicago Tribune. “Music is a compelling way to see beyond the disease process to reach the individual.”

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