Grandma Confesses Her Uterus Has Been ‘Sliding Out’ For 10 Years So Doctors Step In To Help

by Jess Butler
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Anita came onto The Doctors to discuss a condition that had been haunting her for the past decade.

For 10 years, the grandma suffered from pelvic organ prolapse, but she didn’t know what to do about it. Then, the hosts of The Doctors gave Anita all the information she needed — and a life-changing surprise!

In the video below, Anita explains, “I’m 60 years old, and I’ve been told by a clinic that I have a prolapsed uterus. This is an organ that’s literally hanging between my legs. It’s the size of a large pear, which peels,” adding, “The peeling causes bleeding, and the size of it makes it hard for me to urinate and also walk.”

The grandma also tells the doctors that she hasn’t been intimate with her husband since her pelvic organ prolapse first developed.

Dr. Nita Landry sees that Anita’s issue with her uterus is affecting her life in so many ways. So, she helps explain the guest’s pelvic organ prolapse using visual aides so everyone in the audience can understand.

After the OB-GYN’s demonstration, Anita’s granddaughter, Onica, gets emotional and tells the hosts that her grandma’s immense pain and suffering is exactly why she wrote in, begging for help.

Suddenly, Dr. Travis Stork announces that he has a special surprise in store for Anita — and she starts bawling on camera!

Check out the video below to find out what her incredible gift was, and please SHARE if you’re glad she was brave enough to discuss this health issue on television!

Photos: The Doctors

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