Woman Notices Dog’s Been Wearing T-Shirt To Tell Her About The New Family Member And Flips Out

by Amy Paige
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Stephanie and her husband spent two frustrating and painstaking years trying to conceive a second child.

When the couple from Virginia Beach finally learned they were expecting again, Stephanie decided to find a creative way to share the news with her unsuspecting mother.

Stephanie is the proud owner of three adorable and fluffy pups. One of her dogs, Fish, was more than happy to play the lead role in this surprise pregnancy announcement when Grandma Vicki came to visit.

“You have an important message for Grandma,” Stephanie whispers to Fish in the clip below.

“Let’s go tell Grandma… she’s going to be so excited!”

Stephanie then tells her mother, Vicki, to call Fish in from the other room. She asks Vicki if she likes Fish’s new T-shirt, which she says was intended to cover up a recent wound.

But there’s some text on the back of the dog tee… and for a few seconds, Vicki just can’t seem to make out the words.

“What does that say?!” she exclaims nervously.

When she finally figures it out, all bets are off. Her reaction is pretty incredible, and I’m surprised she didn’t totally fall out of her chair and face-plant onto the carpet.

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