Grandma Is Concerned After She And 4 Others Catch Creepy Man Peeping Into Their Houses At Night

by Kat Manos
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The towns of Needham and Dover in Norfolk County, Massachusetts, have been struggling with a Peeping Tom problem since the end of last year.

Apparently, these nice and quiet neighborhoods began noticing around November 2017 that something was amiss around town.

Several people report seeing a suspicious-looking man wandering the neighborhood in the middle of the night.

The Dover Police Department recently wrote on Facebook, according to the Boston Globe, warning neighbors of the incidents: “Homeowners have reported seeing a man lurking in their back or side yard. When this ‘peeping tom’ has been seen, he flees the area immediately upon being discovered. Needham and Dover PDs are combining efforts, and encourage residents to call 911 if they see anything suspicious. Residents are also encouraged to keep their shades drawn at night, and to leave external lights on.”

One resident, a grandmother named Donna Haydon, recently expressed her concern for her family during this strange time.

“I was really worried that everyone in the neighborhood would be safe,” Donna explained to WBZ. “I was pleased to see that the Needham police and the state troopers were here. And since then, yes, we lock the doors and we keep every light on. We’re vigilant.”

Reports of people seeing this man keep popping up to cause alarm. One neighbor claims to have seen a strange shadow by a window. Days earlier, strange footprints were found in snow just behind a house.

Apparently, police are investigating four similar cases that seem to match up with this Peeping Tom’s MO.

“We’re concerned because we’re not sure what the motivation is for this individual,” said Needham Police Chief John Schlitter. “But considering the time of night, peering in the windows of people’s houses in the backyard raises concern.”

Neighbors are keeping an eye out, keeping shades drawn at night, and keeping outside lights on after dark.

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