Grandma Discovers She’s Been Taking Care Of An Opossum For Months Thinking He Was A Stray Cat

by Kate Taylor
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If you’re an animal lover, then you can understand why someone would have it in their heart to take in a stray animal or two.

Eric Hertlein’s grandma shares her home with animals in need.

Needless to say, Eric was expecting to encounter some of his grandma’s feline friends when he decided to stop by her home in Kansas to say hello.

When Eric walked onto the porch, which doubles as a bedroom for grandma’s furry friends, he was shocked to notice that one of the cats wasn’t a cat at all.

Turns out, Eric’s grandma had been taking care of a full-grown opossum for a number of months, and the wild animal seems to have made himself right at home.

Cases of mistaken animal identity aren’t unusual, but the sneaky opossum certainly got extremely lucky this time.

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Eric shared the hilarious photo on Twitter.

Can you spot the difference with the “cats”?

The caption read: “My grandma has been taking care of a possum these last couple months thinking it was just another cat lmaoo what is u doing grams”

At first, you can understand why Eric’s grandma might have mistaken this opossum for a stray cat. From far away, he just looks like another furry friend.

As you get closer, you’ll notice a very cozy opossum is enjoying a cat nap in a cat bed. He looks right at home with the kittens, who are all enjoying the comfy furniture.

Eric’s grandma eventually realized that the animal, whom she named Tete, was in fact an opossum and not a cat as she had thought.

Clearly everyone who saw this photo enjoyed it immediately. The little guy doesn’t seem to mind that he doesn’t belong.

Of course, it’s not the first time an opossum has made its way inside someone’s house or heart.

Eric’s grandma first took in Tete when he was a little baby like this. You can see why he might have been mistaken for a kitten.

A reddit user shared, “My cat turns into an opossum after a bath,” further demonstrating the likeness between the two species.

Luckily, Tete has a home for the time being. Eric’s grandma says, “Well, he hasn’t bothered me yet, so I’m OK with him being here!”

Would you let a wild animal stay in your house?

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