Grandma Is Outraged After Her Grandson’s History Teacher Tells The Teen There’s No God Or Heaven

by Lindsey Weedston

A Tennessee woman was shocked and angry to learn that her grandchildren were being taught that there is no God. Sharon Jackson takes care of her five grandchildren and brings them to church every Sunday.

Then she found out that a Southwind High School history teacher had given her grandchild a controversial assignment.

“He talked about how there was no heaven and there was no God, and everything your parents and grandparents are teaching you is a lie,” Sharon said.

Going over the notes one of her grandchildren took in class, she read, “Science explains mature course. The Bible is based on faith, not evidence. The church cannot be a source because it is just a building.”

The kids say that they were separated in class into science versus religion groups. Sharon’s grandson was put into the “science” group, despite the young student’s protests.

“The group he put my grandson in was the group that was scientific over religion, so he told him ‘I don’t believe in scientific over religion,'” said Sharon. “That’s when the teacher told him, ‘Well, you can do two papers.'”

That’s when Sharon decided to complain. She went to the school district, but the teacher only had a strange excuse.

“When they talked to him and asked why did he did it, he said something about Mississippi — something about Mississippi laws.”

According to the Shelby County School District, the assignment was created as part of a regular “current events” curriculum, but the science versus religion topic was not part of that curriculum. The teacher was told to cancel the assignment.

“I really pray it helps other parents understand that there are people there with other beliefs, and they are trying to get our kids to believe in other things,” Jackson said.

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