Grandma Gives Up Her Home And Transforms Tiny Shed Into Gorgeous 2 Story House

by Laura Caseley
Laura is a writer, illustrator, and artist living in New York City.

It’s not uncommon to see a small shed in someone’s backyard. Many people use them to store gardening items or other things that simply don’t fit in the main house.

So at first glance, Monica Smith’s 8×10 backyard shed didn’t look all that strange to the neighbors.

When they saw the amount of work she was doing on it, they realized that she was turning it from a plain shed into a tiny home, in which she planned to live full-time.

But if she already had a house, why move into a shed?

Well, it wasn’t really about her. Smith’s youngest daughter and her five children had recently lost her home. So, being a stand-up mom, Smith offered her daughter and grandchildren her house, and made preparations to move into the shed.

Don’t worry, though: Smith is not wanting for any comfort. She transformed the little shed into a cozy tiny house that looks like something you might find in the heart of an enchanted forest.

With tiny homes becoming ever more popular, many people are trying their hand at converting readymade structures like sheds into real homes. Tiny houses are also being seen as a solution to homelessness in the U.S. and, in a way, Smith’s tiny house is also a solution to the homelessness of her family.

Smith’s tiny home really is incredible, especially when you consider it’s all inside an 8×10 foot shed — and includes a second floor!

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This garden shed is only 8×10 feet,  but one enterprising and selfless grandmother turned it into a beautiful and cozy two-story home — right in her own backyard.

Monica Smith moved into the shed after letting her daughter and five grandchildren, who had lost their home, move into her two-bedroom house.

But she wasn’t going to just live in a plain old shed, of course. Smith transformed the shed into a tiny home full of classic grandma-style coziness, complete with a tiny kitchen with a sink and mini fridge.

She also cleverly designed plenty of tucked away storage space — like these cupboards — so she could store all of her things without creating too much clutter.

And just because the space was efficient didn’t mean she skimped on style.

Smith seems to like light-colored and feminine details, like the scallop design on these cabinets, as well as plenty of color and floral patterns.

Next to the kitchen, there’s a little living room that is painted a pastel shade of pink, and decorated with a cross wall hanging lace curtains, and photos of her family.

The living room also has a TV and a cute little hutch painted a fresh, celery-green color that compliments the pink for a springtime color scheme.

There’s a dining table and some more shelving in the kitchen, and plenty of room for two.

It’s a great place for an afternoon cup of tea.

And on the other side of the table? Yes, that’s a ladder, and yes, there’s a second floor!

Upstairs, there’s a cozy, compact bedroom under the peaked roof.

A built-in table holds more photos and personal items, and a window lets in plenty of light. There’s also a closet on the other side of the bed for clothing.

Imagine falling asleep here with the sound of rain on the roof. So cozy!

You can see how well Smith used her small space not only for functionality, but to make an attractive and comfortable home, too.

And most impressively, she did all this herself and provided a safe home for her daughter and five grandchildren. We think that’s pretty awesome.

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