Grandma Accidentally Locks Grandson And Dog In Car, Then Officers Break Window To Rescue Them

by Lindsey Smith
Lindsey is from Florida and has worked in online and print media. Her happy place is Michaels craft store.

Most people can probably think of a time or two that they’ve locked their keys in their car. But for one New Jersey grandma, it was a huge mistake.

A grandma was looking after her 2-year-old grandson and her dog one day, in June 2017. She set her car keys down on the passenger’s seat.

When she shut the door, she realized all of the doors were locked with the keys inside.

She immediately called 911, and New Jersey State Troopers Jacob Sherry and Steven Hodge arrived on the scene.

The rescue was caught on the police officers’ dash cam. It serves as a good reminder to always make sure you have your keys before shutting a door.

Due to the high temperature and visible perspiration on the child, Trooper Hodge advised the woman that he would have to break the car window,” the New Jersey State Police Department said in the caption of their dash cam footage. “The woman agreed, Trooper Hodge broke the window, and Trooper Sherry removed the child and dog from the car.”

Thankfully, it was a fairly easy rescue. The troopers placed the woman’s grandson in their air-conditioned car and also called for an ambulance to evaluate him. “EMTs assessed the child and determined that his vital signs were normal and that he was not in distress,” the officers said.

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