Man Walks Into Elderly Neighbor’s House And Finds Her Trying On His Shoes After FedEx Mix-Up

by Mauricio Castillo
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One of the worst feelings is when you’re eagerly awaiting a package to be delivered, only to find that the package gets left somewhere else or the delivery person misses you. Because they deal with so many packages a day, a mistake or two will likely be made. Still, it really is unfortunate when this happens. John Rogers, a young photographer, went through this same feeling while waiting for a pair of sneakers.

John had been waiting for the new shoes in the mail, only to find that FedEx had accidentally delivered them to his neighbor’s house next door. Even though it’s not a good thing when a package gets left at the wrong place, John knew he only had to go next door and ask for his sneakers.

He did just that, but what he found inside was the complete opposite of what he expected!

I’m sure that in his mind the scenario would have been totally different: He would knock on her door, explain the situation, and his neighbor would just hand him the package.

Well, it didn’t happen quite like that!

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Thumbnail Photo: Twitter / DaddyJohno

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Meet John Rogers of Detroit. The photographer was eagerly waiting for a pair of new sneakers he had purchased to arrive in the mail.

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The sneakers were a pair of Yeezy Boost 350’s. These are actually the signature shoes Adidas created for their Kanye West line, and they’re pretty expensive. That’s why it’s no surprise that John was tracking the package.

Unfortunately, FedEx accidentally dropped the new kicks at his neighbor’s house. John went and knocked on her door to inquire about the shoes, but when she let him inside, he was so stunned by what he saw he had to take some photos and share them on Twitter!

He captioned his tweet: “FedEx accidentally delivered my shoes to the house next door, I walk over to her house and see this…I don’t know how to feel.”

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His elderly neighbor had decided to try his new shoes on for size!

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I have to admit, they looked pretty good on her!

After sharing the hilarious situation on Twitter, John’s tweet went viral with hundreds of comments and thousands of retweets.

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Most of the commenters showed their support of his elderly neighbor, with one of them suggesting John buy her a pair!

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Someone even suggested letting her keep the shoes!

And @GreatMooMoo dropped a simple quote to explain the situation: “If the shoe fits, you must wear it.”

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